Monthly Archives: November 2013

On messing up


This dinner started out with the best of intentions. I found a recipe on Pinterest for salmon cakes. The recipe sounded delicious, and so easy!

I don’t know if my mistake was not really following the recipe, or if the problem was the recipe itself. I do know that this was not how it was supposed to turn out:


To be fair, 3 salmon cakes did turn out well:


The point here is that you won’t always be perfect. Sometimes you’ll have the best of intentions and you’ll end up with a pile of breaded, herbed, fried salmon.

You know what’s delicious? A pile of breaded, herbed, fried salmon.

Embrace mistakes and figure out how to make them work! I added this to a quinoa salad with heirloom purple carrots, cranberries, and feta the next day and it was amazing!


What’s a mistake you’ve embraced recently?