Homemade ravioli!




Don’t those look amazing? Also they’re ridiculously easy (except for sweet boyfriend, who did all of the rolling. He decided that we will be buying the pasta roller attachment for my stand mixer after this.

I made 3 batches of this and froze all of the leftovers. To freeze, let them dry for about an hour (in a single layer, I cannot emphasize this enough) and then toss into a container and put in the freezer! I let them dry on parchment paper and put a bit of flour down first to keep them from sticking

For the pasta we used this recipe.

For the filling we used
– ricotta with assorted herbs (basil, oregano, thyme, etc)
– butternut squash
– ricotta with spinach

For the pasta sauce:
– dice up an onion and some garlic, heat up some oil in a pot and toss the onion in till it’s translucent
– take a can of tomatoes and dump that in
– add in a bit of cream
– look in your cabinet to think of other things to add, notice the Costco size container of sundried tomatoes in your fridge and dice that up.  It works.  Also other herbs as well.


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